Early Years
Foundation Stage

Nursery to Year 1

To strive for outstanding practice in all that we do, to ensure a safe, caring and enriched childcare setting, where all children love to play and learn.

- Early Years Foundation Stage - Mission Statement

Moorland EYFS believe in creating a safe and stimulating education. Managed by a professionally qualified team of dedicated teachers and endorsed by achieving the prestigious Lancashire Quality Award.

The Nursery is eligible to accept children from twelve weeks old and adheres to the EYFS curriculum. We have a quiet and tranquil atmosphere where babies can eat, sleep and play at their leisure within a very safety conscious environment, evident with our high staff-to-child ratio.

We recognise the need to capture each individual home routine and emulate this within the nursery setting. Therefore, we ensure the transition from parent to nursery is as smooth and successful as possible.

Our little explorers enjoy a spacious unit area, divided into a large free play area, a messy play area, a comfortable area and a dining room. We also take advantage of our idyllic surroundings and safe outdoor environments in both rain and shine – sometimes the squirrels, rabbits and wild birds also join in the fun!

As the Moorland children get older we observe, plan and prepare activities for each individual child to ensure their needs are met and their minds are stimulated.

When the children turn three years of age they move into our lively and active nursery environment. This brand new building is dedicated specifically for the nursery children and offers space, light and opportunity for the children to develop their unique personalities and form special friendships.

We teach all our children to form positive relationships with their peers and adults, and develop their confidence to enable them to communicate in front of others. Praising achievement and effort in all areas of learning, with a courteous manner at all times, helps to promote self-esteem and pride.

Moorland produces decent, well rounded and well educated children at this tender age, and this is supported by Ofsted and Independent Schools Inspectorate who commented that the moral, social and cultural standards were outstanding.

Starting Pre-school and sequentially Reception are important milestones. To ensure a positive start to education, you and your child will need the support and encouragement that a good foundation unit can provide. We combine both the Pre-school and Reception classes therefore providing an excellent learning environment which has been recognised as a place of ‘outstanding practice’.

Parents can benefit from the option of an ‘early drop-off’ and ‘late pick-up’ if required and numerous club activities are available at lunchbreaks and after school.