Early Years – Curriculum

A Comprehensive Scope of Opportunity

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a comprehensive statutory framework that sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five.

Moorland Nursery School use the EYFS to ensure that your children receive a quality experience that supports their care, learning and development.

More details on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum are available on the Department for Education (DFES) website. Or ask about what we do and why we do it when you come to visit.

moorland school - curriculum pegs

Personal and Social Development

At Moorland Nursery great emphasis is placed on the personal, social and emotional development of each child. The importance we place on this helps each child to separate from their main carer and feel secure within the Nursery environment.

The activities and opportunities we provide for children helps with sharing, turn taking and being fair; it helps children to cope with illness and sadness, as well as celebrating success, achievements and anniversaries.

At Moorland Nursery we focus on talking through what is right and what is wrong, we use pretend play, scenarios, situations and stories to develop children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The staff at Moorland Nursery aim to give children independence so that they have the skills to plan to make choices, these choices will initially be about play and friendships, but eventually about life-long learning.

Communication and Language

This area of our curriculum aims to teach the children a number of skills and give them the confidence to use them.

Staff at Moorland Nursery create learning opportunities, encourage children to try new things and supports them in their efforts. Staff talk, question and communicate with children throughout both free play and structured activity time.

Children have many opportunities to speak and listen in different situations, at Moorland Nursery we share a wide variety of books, looking at both factual and nonfiction literature, and they make marks and write for different purposes. We have lots of lovely resources to make this area of learning fun so that children develop a lifelong love of books.


At Moorland Nursery great emphasis is placed on the Literacy development of each child.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage Literacy consists of reading and writing. We encourage children to look at books from as young as babies, we incorporate story time into our daily routines, have enhanced reading areas and have developed a book sharing scheme to encourage reading at home. We believe reading not only enhances children socially, emotionally and linguistically, but is the key to life-long learning.

From an early age we provide opportunities for children to make marks which in time will support their early writing skills. At Moorland Nursery we ensure mark making is fun; this may be in shaving foam, using tools in the sand or sticks in the mud. All these activities develop children’s hand to eye co-ordination, accuracy and confidence which is required for when children are ready to use pencils and begin letter formation.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy at Moorland Nursery includes counting, sorting, matching, patterns, making connections, problem solving, working with numbers, shapes, space and measures.

Wow! That sounds an awful lot to get through, but math’s is everywhere and in everything we do from shopping to cooking; tidying to building; jumping to dressing the baby doll – so you can see how much fun we have on a daily basis at Moorland Nursery!

Expressive At and Design

At Moorland Nursery Creative Development includes: art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Everyday there are activities planned to let children be themselves and express themselves.

We encourage individuality, creativity and critical thinking to allow each and every child to make creative connections. We have wonderful displays linked to our topics or to children’s interests and lots of messy things to do!

Physical Development

We are lucky to be able to use both the sports hall and many acres of greenery surrounding us for our Physical Education.

These are lovely large spaces for moving around in. We spend a lot of time each day being active, and we get outside every day. This combination of planned physical activities and freer outside play means that children’s large body movements develop and small body movements become more controlled, all of which prepares them for going on to school.

All staff at Moorland Nursery have been trained in ‘Jittabugs’ a program of movement, dance and co- ordination to music. Jittabugs is implemented into our curriculum weekly.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This area of the curriculum is all about developing your child’s understanding about the world in which they live, the important part of Knowledge and Understanding of World is how children make sense of it.

It leads on to work in science, technology, design, history and geography. It is what children love doing most…investigating, trying things out and being curious. We try to do this in as practical a way as possible so we make visits, try things out, set out problems to solve, and give children time in which to explore.