Early Years – Pre School

Stimulating Children Between 3 and 4 Years

Provision for children’s learning and development is outstanding. Adults provide a welcoming, caring environment for the under three’s and stimulating, challenging activities for three to five year olds.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

The recently refurbished Pre-school takes children between 3 and 5 years, divided into two age groups. Youngsters work and play in a stimulating, colourful environment, where our experienced and caring staff prepare routines that follow standard early learning goals.

Pre-school children are encouraged to explore all aspects of early learning such as social skills, creative language, general knowledge, literacy and numeracy.

moorland school - pre-school drawing

The greatest accolade to Moorland Nursery School must come as me being a mother of a three year old, as there is no one else, and nowhere else that I would feel happy and confident in entrusting the social and academic development of my son.

- Miss Lou Morrison

We provide opportunities for intellectual, physical, spiritual and moral growth in preparing your child for reception class. We teach all our children to form positive relationships with their peers and adults, and develop their confidence to enable them to communicate in front of others. Praising achievement and effort in all areas of learning, with a courteous manner at all times, helps to promote self-esteem and pride.

moorland school - pre-school objects

As proven, children learn more in a nurturing environment. Their speech will flourish. They can be heard and listened to as the teaching staff devote all their attentions to your child which further build a trusting friendship. Moorland produces decent, well rounded and well educated children at this tender age, and this is supported by Ofsted and Independent Schools Inspectorate who commented that the moral, social and cultural standards were outstanding.