Early Years – Toddlers

Little Explorers Aged 1-2 Years

Our little explorers aged 1-2 years enjoy a spacious unit divided into a large free play area, a messy play area, a comfortable area and a dining room. Children enjoy a host of activities including sand and water play, painting and crafts, nature walks and outdoor activities.

moorland school - toddler laughing

Again, we stress learning through play and having lots of fun, with designated sleeping and rest rooms provided for when toddlers become tired. Our sleep room is supervised at all times by a member of staff.

Staff are very effective practitioners, who are totally committed to the learning and welfare needs of the children

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

Toddlers soon start to develop their own personalities, thoughts and preferences, with some preferring their home comforts whilst at nursery – their unique desires are always granted!

moorland school - toddler 2

Loving to explore in their own, private garden, we make sure our children are always prepared for the outdoors with suitable clothing and footwear.

Playing in the wooded area, our idyllic surroundings permit us to educate outdoors as well as in the vibrant nursery setting. Squirrels, rabbits and wild birds all take part!

The superb learning environment is fully inclusive, safe and secure with high quality resources for children to use.

- Ofsted