International & Boarding

A Home from Home

Around one third of children at Moorland School are boarders and we find it makes for a good social mix with our day pupils from the surrounding area.

The small school environment and family style atmosphere provides a warm and friendly setting.

Relationships within boarding are excellent, both among the boarders themselves and with the boarding staff.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

The opening of our purpose built new building extends our boarding capacity to around 80 pupils and includes en-suite accommodation comparable to a modern hotel. There are seven spacious new dormitories, each equipped for up to four children, and stylish, duplex-style loft living spaces, with very modern sloping roofs.

There are individual common rooms for boys and girls. All doors are highly secured through access controlled doors (the same system as HSBC bank), this ensures that our current contingent of 60 boarding children are safe, whilst ensuring that boys and girls sleeping accommodation is completely separate.

The pupils demonstrate excellent social development. Their relationships with staff and with each other are excellent. Pupils of all ages mix well together, with genuine friendship evident between pupils of different ages, and with older pupils taking care of younger ones.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate