Boarding Facilities

Sports, Music, Trips and Chillin’

Added to this new facility, there are existing boarding provisions in the historic main school building. These dormitories provide accommodation for 2, 3 or 4 children and the majority of children have brought in their own TV’s and games consoles.

The systems in place to ensure the pupils’ welfare, health and safety are excellent.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

For all boarders, boys and girls live in separate areas and their care is undertaken by our house parents and teaching staff. Moorland provides boarders with a broad range of recreational and leisure facilities to make their evenings and weekends as varied and engaging as possible.

Our boarders have access to:

  • Extensive Grounds & Common Rooms
  • Computer Suites
  • Lounge with Sky TV
  • School Library
  • Music Room
  • Sports Facilities
  • Local Swimming Pool & Cinema
  • Trips and Excursions

As with all its pupils, Moorland provides boarders with a wide range of sporting activities, trips and outings to complement the academic programme. Boarders are encouraged to take an active interest in arts and culture through visits to the theatre, cinema and concerts in neighbouring towns.