Pastoral Care

Environment to Grow and Develop

I am extremely excited about my recent promotion to the position of Boarding Manager at Moorland School. I am myself a former Naval Officer, who has three children.

It is my aim to provide those in our care with the right environment within which to grow and develop, at the same time ensuring their complete safety whist away from home. Children learn by active emotional and social involvement, which on occasions can lead to inevitable mistakes through poor decisions or an unawareness of consequences.

As professionals working with children it is our responsibility to accept that children will make mistakes, and to help correct these by guiding them down the correct path of decency, honesty, empathy and compassion for those whom they live with and share the wider community with.

This ‘guidance’ is often achieved by working in close partnership with House Parents; teachers; children and parents. We find that the best results with young adults are often achieved when we talk calmly; giving a sound explanation for the reasons why; setting our expectations, and by finally the reinforcement of moral responsibility and decency. My goal is to ensure that the children are safe, happy, cared for and engaged both socially and physically. We know that we could never completely replicate or replace the freedoms or parental relationships which the children have at home. This being said we will work tirelessly in achieving a happy caring home, which reflects communal living for our children and young adults.

Moorland is a lovely small and safe coeducational boarding school located in the picturesque Ribble Valley, and this provides a quiet, tranquil and safe environment away from the buzz of the large cities.

Our Headteacher Mr Jonathan Harrison lives on the school site and he himself used to attend Moorland School as a former boarder school student. Mr Harrison has a fantastic relationship with both parents and pupils, and many parents have his personal mobile number, and they know that he can be reached night or day.

I find this support for both my team and I invaluable, as this helps me and my team respond quickly and efficiently to any small incidents before they escalate. I know that Moorland is a happy family school and I know that if you decide to send your son or daughter we will look after them as if they were our own. I hope you as a family choose to join the Moorland family.

- Mr Garry Campbell, Boarding Manager

My father worked for the British Air force, and as a young teenager I grew very accustomed to frequently being moved from school to school as my father’s postings changed. I joined Moorland School in Year 9 and I can safely say that this was the most enjoyable and stable time of my life, and I can honestly say that I would not have achieved my true academic potential elsewhere. I went on to achieve a Physics degree and Masters in Chemistry at Liverpool University.

I left Moorland in 1989 and I still keep in touch with the many lifelong friends that I made whilst being a boarder there, and I truly hope that your child will be as happy as I was at Moorland School.

- Mr Richard Turnbull

Mr Harrison the school’s Headteacher, is himself a former boarder of Moorland School.

My responsibility is that of caretaker I need to ensure that the children within my care are safe and happy. I am committed to providing a learning environment where all children are academically, socially and physically challenged in a structured caring atmosphere. Moorland produces decent, respectful and well-rounded confident young adults in preparation to meet the challenges of life.

- Mr Jonathan Harrison, Headteacher