Safety & Security

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Safety, security and children’s happiness is the number one most important concern for parents choosing to send their children to a boarding school.

The systems in place to ensure the pupil’s welfare, health and safety are excellent.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

Moorland School and the management team fully appreciate parental concerns and anxieties when it comes to sending their children overseas to boarding school. All parents find sending their children to a boarding school a heart wrenching experience, and in the majority of cases this decision is taken to give their child opportunities that would not be open to them in their country of residence.

For example the English education system is internationally recognised as the oldest and best education in the world, with our top universities being recognised as leaders within the field of education. Therefore an English education would be extremely advantageous when securing employment within top flight companies, and obviously to be fluent within English would be hugely advantageous, as this is internationally recognised as the world’s business language.

The access and security arrangements are particularly good. It has disability access and is appropriately segregated by gender and age. Moreover, access is restricted by fingerprint recognition which is in good working order and boarders have individual swipe cards ensuring only they can enter their own dormitories.

- Ofsted (Boarding, June 2011)

Some parents feel that because they are based on military camps or expats that their children do not have the same access to life opportunities that they may have been able to enjoy back in the UK. Therefore they feel an element of guilt that their life choices maybe adversely affecting the development and opportunities experienced by their children. One example of this being particularly in the field of football, as obviously children would not have the opportunity to be selected or talent spotted by Premier League football clubs, outside of the United Kingdom. This is indeed true of a great many sports.

Military parents are treated as deployable asset, and as such can be subject to movement every two years to new posts, and this would mean changes of school for the children, often resulting in a lack of educational continuation, and social confusion. Therefore many of our British Forces parents choose Moorland School to ensure educational stability and social happiness within a small family boarding school.

Many expats and forces parents have close family members within the United Kingdom, and so often grandparents and other relatives act as guardians, and take the children out at odd weekends and at half-terms. Other considerations may include experiencing other cultures, new environments and the building of social confidence.

Boarders say ‘Everyone is nice and we feel protected’. Parents say: ‘The boarding team takes a professional approach to pastoral needs and we are kept well informed.’

- Ofsted (Boarding, June 2011)