Junior School

Reception and Years 1 to 6

Within the Junior School each child is given the opportunity to push their own personal boundaries in their daily fun and exciting English and Maths lessons. We assess each child’s understanding in English and Maths at the end of each half term. Due to our frequent assessment any misconceptions children may have can be highlighted and addressed quickly, enabling our children to show continuous progression throughout the year.

Private Tuition is offered to our Junior children each week, one night for KS1 and two nights for KS2. The sessions are taught by the Junior School teachers in small groups or one to one. These sessions are provided to give the children the opportunity to work with a teacher on their English and Maths targets, which have been highlighted from our assessment tests. Providing these sessions to the children has proven to increase the children’s progress and secure each child’s knowledge and understanding of any misconceptions they may have.

We believe having a varied curriculum is vital to allow each child the opportunity to progress in different areas and shine through their own personal interests and talents. We give our children the experience of different languages in our French and Spanish lessons and also bilingual sing each week. We work along side an award winning drama company ‘Ribcaged’ to offer the children interesting drama lessons and also provide the children with weekly lunch time lessons, to work towards the Arts Award. Our children also have the privilege of being taught by two ex-professional English gymnast nationals in their weekly Gymnastics lesson at the BEST Centre, as well as having a swimming lesson each week.

We understand it is important for the children to have a secure understanding of the ever changing world around them. We provide a weekly PSHE lesson to give the children the opportunity to discuss and understand different personal, social, health and economic topics.