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Gifted and Talented

Potential Beyond Their Years

‘What does ‘gifted and talented’ mean?

Gifted and talented’ is a term used in schools to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their age.

The parents are highly satisfied with the education and support provided for their children.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

‘Gifted’ refers to a child who has abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as English or maths. ‘Talented’ refers to a child who has skills in a practical area such as music, sport or art.

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Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains of human ability: intellectual, creative, social and physical. Talented students are those whose skills are distinctly above average in one or more areas of human performance.

- Françoys Gagné (2003)

Gagne’s key word is potential. He believes in the power of environmental factors, that being natively smart isn’t enough; a child needs support and guidance to achieve his/her gifted potential. Supporting and encouraging gifted kiddies is exactly where home and school collide.

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Moorland School has a policy of small class sizes not exceeding 20 students, therefore a typical class size would be set at approximately 16 students.

This allows all teachers to spend quality one to one time with all children fully assessing their academic potentials against CAT scores and other comprehensive data. All G & T students are identified in the teachers planners and differentiated, extended and resourced for.

All teachers are well qualified and experienced practitioners and our ‘Value Added Scores’ are quite simply amazing.

Value Added Scores – Explained