Senior School

Student Support and Welfare

Staff who are responsible for the pupils’ personal development and for pastoral care are highly effective, as seen in the highly successful outcomes for pupils.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

In the role of Pastoral & Welfare Manager my ultimate responsibility is to support the happy; calm; safe and dynamic learning environment which has been created by our Director of Studies, Mr Ahmad.

Our children and parents have chosen Moorland School with their minimum expectation being that their children will return back home from school feeling, happy; safe, and cared for through a calm; supportive learning environment which nurtures their child’s social and academic confidences.

The pupils’ personal development throughout the school is excellent and is central to the schools aim of creating an ethos of honesty, respect and decency.

The pupils demonstrate excellent social development. Their relationships with staff and with each other are excellent. Pupils of all ages mix well together, with genuine friendship evident between pupils of different ages, and with older pupils taking care of younger ones.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate as the majority of my dealings with the children and parents are of a positive nature, discussing rewards as opposed to sanctions. Our children are a real credit to the school, as I know that I can take them anywhere as their behaviour is always exemplary.

The pupils demonstrate excellent social development. Their relationships with the staff and with each other are excellent.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

Please note that are relationships with parents is very ‘normal’, whatever that means today. Therefore the majority of our parents have Mr Harrison’s, Headteacher’s direct mobile phone number, as they do mine. This means that parents are able to make direct contact with us when they have concerns, or when their children appear to be concerned.

Please note that we have zero policy on bullying and this includes all forms of social media. Our selection process is very clear we only accept decent, respectful children into Moorland School. Therefore we will absolutely contact parents before 7pm instructing them to inform their children to remove any offence or hurtful messages.

Fortunately this is incredibly rare, but as soon as we know we can act together to maintain the ethos and happiness of our children, our ‘family.’ Please know that anything that is important to your child or to you is important to me and the management of the school.

Warmest regards, Carl Lightbown