Senior Ballet

Moorland Ballet School

The technique of classical ballet is learned and perfected in a highly structured daily regime of classroom work delivered by experienced professionals. It is here that technique is maintained, strengthened and constantly refined.

At Moorland Ballet the students thrive on the positive and inspiring atmosphere for learning that the staff create. Classes are conducted so that they are physically beneficial and instructive providing objective and constructive criticism regarding technique and artistry.

We encourage self-discovery and nurture the development of each student’s unique artistic qualities.

The programme is a partnership between parents, pupils and Moorland School. Our promise as professionals, is to equip pupils with an outstanding Ballet Programme of study, whilst ensuring they are both safe, happy and growing in confidence. We ask parents to work with the school in partnership, respecting our professional judgement and guidance. We ask pupils to make a promise to listen and work hard academically, artistically and socially, showing respect to staff and their peers.

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