Senior School
Extra Curricular

An Active Mind and Body is a Happy Soul

Be it athletics, swimming, horse riding, musical or climbing, we have a never ending list of sports and social activities for you to pursue.

An excellent range of extra-curricular activities and trips is provided.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

We firmly believe in the pursuit of physical activities. Not only does it underpin our educational responsibilities, we are also very proud to have exposed students to the vast range of activities available at Moorland.

An example of this is our Elite Football, through which we have successfully developed students who have made the extremely challenging step to achieve trials for Premiership clubs. An achievement in itself.

Either within the School setting or being involved with local clubs and teams, such interests promote an all-round aptitude and give pupils an arsenal of life skills.

Selecting the right school for your child is not an easy task.

Considering all the options takes time as the decision will impact upon the life choices your child makes as they mature into adulthood.

Moorland does not offer a short term commitment. We are an integral part of you and your child’s development – and we accept this responsibility with humility, pride and honour.