Sixth Form
Aims & Student Voice

Becoming Responsible Adults with Style

Aims of our Sixth Form

We serve the community and work with parents to help all students grow into mature, responsible adults and good citizens.

As partners in learning we should:

  • Nurture a love of learning; foster innovation and creativity in enquiring minds within a ‘family’ atmosphere of care, mutual trust and respect.
  • Develop a sixth form which is a place where all enjoy the opportunity to develop, through mutual support and respect, to become confident, responsible, enterprising, independent life- long learners and good citizens.
  • Promote a safe learning environment, both physically and emotionally.
  • Be a recognised centre of excellence for the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all students.
  • Expect high standards of understanding and respect for the religious and moral values of the students’ own and other cultures.
  • Maintain and develop a dynamic and motivated staff, involved in their own professional development.
  • Promote a collegiate approach to learning through our partnerships with local colleges.
  • Become a Sixth Form for the future equipped to prepare our students for the rapidly changing needs of the work place and life in general.
  • Guidance

    We aim to ensure that all students achieve their full potential. Progress is constantly monitored and students work closely with their subject teachers, as well as a tutor who is assigned to a small group of students to provide additional pastoral support. Working together, they will provide you with the best opportunities to fulfil your potential and advise you how to approach your studies in the most appropriate way to you. We are a very open and friendly sixth form where everyone knows everyone else. There is always someone around to offer you support.

    Guidance about future career choices is at the heart of the personal development curriculum, with additional support offered by Connexions and local universities to ensure that advice is personalised and appropriate to you.

    The Student Council

    The Student Council looks forward to you joining the Sixth Form. All members of the Council work for you, the students, to ensure that you have a voice and are able to use your ideas to help you make the most of your time at Moorland Sixth Form.

    The social life at Moorland Sixth Form is an important part of the student experience and the Moorland Sixth Form arranges many social events.

    Student Voice

    At Moorland Sixth Form we want to listen to the ‘voice’ of all our students as your views help to shape and improve Sixth Form life. It is important for the Sixth Form to know what you think about your lessons, the support we give you, our IT systems, the facilities we offer – indeed everything, right down to the quality of our food. All students take part in course forums which give you the opportunity to give your opinion on the courses you are taking. You will also take part in surveys about your overall Sixth Form experience.

    Every tutor group votes for its own representative on the Student Council, with the Student Council Executive being elected by the whole student body. Student representatives take part on an equal standing with Moorland School staff on committees such as Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, and IT.