Head of Sixth Form

Mr Saleem Ahmad

Moorland School believes in education through teaching and not by lectures and constant note-taking. I believe in an environment where students have structured guided learning, and where they are supported by teachers when at times have pressures placed upon them to meet our, your and ultimately their expectations.

I am very proud of our Sixth Form and the opportunities we provide to our students. The Sixth Form team is committed to supporting all students in Years 12 and 13 in their progress through the Sixth Form. Although the priority is academic attainment, it is important that students feel happy and at home in the school environment.

The sense of community at Moorland offers warmth from the moment you begin your studies due to the relatively small year sizes. Everyone becomes well acquainted with each other and friendships are formed. Tailored enhancement programmes and a range of enrichment opportunities are offered to our Sixth Form Students and we would strongly encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Moorland Sixth Form has a completely unique outlook on educating their students. At Moorland we will consider offering any additional specialist ‘A’ level subjects were you have shown interest. We also offer a one year ‘A’ level entry programme for those students who need to acquire a higher understanding and working knowledge of the English Language. This will be of interest to our many International students attending Moorland School or who have expressed an interest in our Sixth Form. In support of this, we employ dedicated EFL teachers to support this programme.

We also expect you to participate in wider responsibility positions within the school, working with staff and younger students as positive and inspiring role models. It is our job to ensure that this is achieved. To this end, not only do we monitor the students’ academic progress, we also offer friendly personal help and advice. Smart business dress is part of the ethos of the Sixth Form and central to the creation of a professional atmosphere. Moorland Sixth form is a great environment in which to study.

- Mr Saleem Ahmad - Head of Sixth Form